Table Bandit

Table Bandit is a third-person game similar in gameplay to the untitled-goose game. You play as a corgi that sneaks past humans and steals treats as you go through various stages.

I developed Table Bandit with a group of developers from Marist for our Games Studio Class. With this project, I was responsible for the character's movement and camera system and I also implemented scriptable objects inventory system and procedurally generated obstacle course.

I hope you enjoy this game Sneaky Pooch Studios -



City of Abombinations

COA Title Screen 1.png

City of Abominations is a top-down RPG    capstone project that I worked with alongside 18 others in a simulated game studio experience.

Specifically For this game, I implemented the UI scripts involving the player's health and menus functionality. I also programmed the audio for the player's abilities and movement along with the enemies. Specifically, I implemented audio to play specific events and to change based on what room is entered in this procedurally generated world. The most challenging aspect of this project was finishing features on time and while the game isn't completely given the timeframe we had I'm happy with what was put together. You can play the demo here 

City of Abominations by Precipice Games (

Space Shooter

space shooter.PNG

One of my in progress projects I developed in Unity. It is an arcade-style space shooter game in which you shoot asteroids to survive.

Initially, I followed a tutorial but added my own features such as the moving background.

Furthermore, the changes that are in progress are score save which allows you to save your using Player Prefs so that way the game can feel more competitive. And enemies that fire back.

For now you can enjoy the demo I upload to my itchio 

Space Shooter by amangreen123 (