Aaron Green

Game Developer

Welcome to my portfolio. I invite you to explore my site to get a better understanding of my specialties, technique, and professional experience. What you’ll find are my personal and academic projects



I am a recent graduate of Marist college and I love games. Since the moment I played Pokémon on my Game Boy games has been an integral part of life. So it was only natural I chose to study game development when I began my college career. Throughout the course of my studies, I made sure to specifically practice skills that will allow me to create meaningful projects.


As a Game Developer, I am constantly looking to learn new and better ways of problem-solving, and creating new forms of meaningful gameplay. I've worked with primarily Unity in creating AI, Camera systems, Character movement systems, Combat systems, and Audio systems.

I also have experience in Software Development primarily through the Backend, Front-end, and Algorithms, and Data Structures. I have managed to pick up essential coding skills that will allow me to develop complex systems for my games.